The ALU Residency Program welcomes accomplished professionals from all over the world to live in the company of other interesting experts and play their part in transforming the African continent. We want to ensure the best possible fit for our experts in residence (EiRs) and the ALU community. To assist you in determining if this is an opportunity you think is a match for you we have prepared the following FAQ.
Please read them prior to submitting an application.

What is the ALU Residency?

The ALU Residency is an opportunity for accomplished professionals who crave diverse experiences and making an impact in young people’s lives to come and contribute to the ALU ecosystem through structured interactions with our students and staff.

Students have an invaluable opportunity to engage with and receive mentoring from leading experts in different fields to build on what they are learning in the classroom in real time. EiRs can look forward to being a part of an inspiring community of young people passionate about making a difference on the continent. Due to the flex structure of the program, EiRs can also use this time to conduct research, explore opportunities for new projects or simply take time to reflect and strategize for the next phase of their career.

Why join us?

As an EiR you will have an opportunity to contribute to ALU’s moonshot mission to transform Africa by developing its future leaders. During your time on the ground, you can look forward to thoughtful and engaging interactions with ALU students, staff and other residents.
You also have an opportunity to work on personal projects in an environment ideal for productivity and have access to our students who can potentially provide support with your projects. Specifically, as an EiR you can benefit from the following:

Who is the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate has the following attributes:

What is the time commitment for the ALU Residency?

Each resident is expected to be on site for between 2 - 4 weeks at our Rwanda and/or our Mauritius campuses. Special requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. We will customise your campus agenda as per your requirements to allow for some personal time.

Can I extend my stay or do I have the option to renew for a second appointment?

Requests for extensions are handled on a case by case basis. We typically encourage residents to visit our other campuses to get a wider experience rather than staying longer in one campus. Depending on the case we can discuss extensions pending availability.

Can I bring my family with me?

Unfortunately, our housing cannot accommodate families at this time. However, residents are more than welcome to bring their family along at their own cost.

Which parts of the year do we typically host EiRs?

ALU’s academic year is made up of three terms; two terms for coursework and one term for an internship. We typically prefer to have residents during the coursework terms which are shaded below

What do I need to know about the academic programs to prepare for my engagement with students?

We have undergraduate students in their first year undergoing their mandatory Leadership Core Program, while the rest of the students are taking the following courses as per our locations:

What forms of engagement can I expect to have with the students?

To optimize the time the residents have with us, a significant amount of time is spent with the students through scheduled class sessions, office hours and weekly dinners. You can expect your time with students to include:

Please note we will customise your agenda per your availability and daily time commitment.

Should the masterclasses be specific about Africa?

Not necessarily. We are creating leaders for the African century and they will need to have cultural context and understanding with a global mindset. We recommend a mix between global and African perspective to ensure our students have a holistic experience.

How many students can I expect to engage with during the masterclasses and fireside chats?

We typically cap these at twenty students to ensure a high quality of interaction with the students and that they all get an opportunity to ask questions.

What do I need to know about the students?

Our students are very curious and inquisitive. They will be excited to hear from you but will also enjoy interactive discussions were they can ask questions and also be asked thought provoking questions, all of which will make for stimulating discussions with them.
For the residency, we usually do not recommend giving our students homework or coursework to complete after the class to ensure we do not overload their academic course work. However, feel free to share some readings with the students to build on their knowledge.

How do I prepare for my time as an Expert in Residence?

To ensure, a productive and enriching experience for residents, we recommend that you prepare your classes in advance. While most of the interaction with the students will be organic through the one on one discussions and fireside chats, the master classes need to be more defined to ensure students prepare adequately.
For the master classes, we ask that you advise us on the number of master classes you wish to conduct, and the topics you wish to cover in each. While we don’t expect you to have a rigid plan, we require you to have a proposal in place to ensure a fruitful and enriched experience for the community and yourself. Our team is available to assist in structuring and brainstorming what would be most exciting and educative for the students.

Am I financially compensated for my time as an Expert in Residence?

No. The ALU Residency is a voluntary program targeted at individuals who are interested in giving back and contributing to the development of the future change makers of Africa.

What is covered under the ALU Residency?

Do I need a visa, and if so what support does ALU provide?

Most countries do not need to apply for a visa prior to arrival in Mauritius, while Rwanda has instituted visa on arrival for all countries requiring a visa. In the event an EiR needs a visa, ALU will assist with the process and provide the necessary letter of support to facilitate entry into the country.

How do I apply for the ALU Residency?

If you are interested in being an Expert in Residence, please submit your application here.

What happens after I am confirmed as an Expert in Residence?

Once you have been confirmed as a resident, ALU will need you to send the following:

Following this, ALU will do the following:
If you have additional questions before applying please reach out to Danai, the Residency Manager on